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San Diego FOX Reporter Beaten On Camera


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Staff member
Did anyone else hear about this reporter who was beaten on camera during an interview in San Diego?


I just watched the video on MSN and a my first question is, if you were the reporter, would you be glad that the full SIX MINUTES of the beating were caught on camera, or would you be mad at the camera man who kept filming instead of helping out?

Seriously... I mean, he was filming the guy getting beat pretty bad.

I'd say get the first few seconds, then set the camera down in the general direction of the beating, THEN, get in there and help the guy out.


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I hope that reporter is doing alright. The reporter was doing a story on the couple when they were using other people's identity to buy property.

I wonder if the fight could of been prevented if the camera man wasn't following that lady but it was nice to see one of the victims to jump in and help. They should give him an NFL contract. I think the camera man should of helped too. If it was someone I know, I wouldn't just be standing there.


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I watched it on MSN.com i thought it was acutally pretty funny the first time, then i realized it wasn't staged, and was like omg.