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PC Games Samurai War


l 7SIN Sasori l
It is a simply great game. In both senses of simply. It is a text based RPG sort of. You don't go on adventures, you don't get special items, you don't fight great huge bosses.

The object of this game is to have the best trained Samurai out there. You train your stats in a few fields.


These add up to your current Total Power, of which starts off at 25. It is hard to get up into the top ranks, but if you make the right friends, train hard enough, join a strong dynasty, it won't take too long. I am currently sitting in 6th place after being bumped down from 3rd for not playing for a bit.

If you want to join the game, click this link, it will give me money, but you CAN join the game and get your own link like this as well.

Have fun



AKA Ass-Bandit
Seems like Kings of Chaos.....I'm in

*EDIT* ....you forgot to mention the part where your mail box will be attacked asking to join dynastys.


l 7SIN Sasori l
xD yeah, well, I don't get that many e-mails for people asking me to join seeing as I have been playing since before most of their creation. So I can't mention something that doesn't happen to me. It just recently happened to my friend who told me...sorry. lol

Once you get powerful though you will get plenty of people bombing you with e-mails about sending full transfers to them to help them become stronger. That's why if you check my profile it says certain things about that xD.

I just tell them to check my profile.