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Samurai Pizza Cats


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I loved that show. I watched it again last week and it actually has a lot of adult humor. They make a lot of references to movies and tv series. (I'm talking about the English dub, the Japanese dub apparantly is way different from what I've read)


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you know, simply bay making the words 'Does anyone remember this' you could have put this in a section where posts count, right?


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I haven't seen that since I was knee-high to a grass-hopper.

I loved the intro song, I would get it stuck in my head.


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I dare anyone to find an older thread.


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I could find one, but there's no way I'm bumping it.

doan wanna get in trubs wif jeanie :worried:
and negged from me =P


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Who do you call when you want some peperoni?