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Samurai Deeper


blue 3
Has anyone seen the anime or picked up the manga? I actually just discovered it like a week ago. I have all the episodes now though. What does everyone think of it?

Its definatly very similar to either Trigun or Ruroni Kenshin.

I really like the plot. Its kind've crazy. A lot of nice twists and turns.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
*whistles* Is it even safe to post after it's been so long?!?! Well what the heck I'm going to anyway^^;

Watched all 26 episodes and I am going around every Wal-Mart and DVD store trying to find the box set. Own the first two Volumes of it and is waiting for the evil book store to stock the third( they almost have every other volume except that one and a few others) I have also three SDK sigs, I'm using one right now the other two are of Yuya and Kyoshiro with moving gifs also^^. But hey Sui If u ever want to talk about it or have any ?'s just PM sometime!


Registered Member
I wasnt terribly impressed with the anime. I did like how it was historically accurate with names and people and what was going on though. The whole demon crazy stuff was not accurate lol.

The anime just didnt wow me. It seemed a bit bland to me and the fight seens werent that good.

Rouroni Kenshin and Samuria Champloo were much better.