Samoa Joe or Umaga?


Sultan of Swat
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In your opinion who's the better wrestler between the two?

Thoughts and explanations?


The return shall be legenday!
Samoa Joe, without a shadow of a doubt, he has better matches with more people, Chris Daniels, AJ Styles, Jushin Liger, Austin Aries, Bryan Dnielson, Kenta Kobashi, and more. Also, Umagas gimmicks were weak, a Samoan rapper, that always did moonsaults to a real Samoan that doesnt understand a word of English, Joe wins


Monday Night Rollins
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Umaga was quite the performer but he's not nearly as good as Samoa Joe is. I've seen both have good wrestling matches but the ones Joe has had in TNA and ROH have been far and away better then anything Umaga's ever done.

And this coming from a huge Umaga fan.