Same job....different sexes....same pay?


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If two people who are hired at the same time to do the same amount of work just happen to be of different sexes, should it matter how much they are paid?


Here's what I think........If they both did the same amount of work within the time given for completion, then, there should be no pay difference. What do you think?

Do you think women and men should be paid the same for the same job? If yes, Why? If no, Why not?
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At my work, people who has more experience gets paid more. I do the same thing as my fellow co workers and i am paid less because i didn't have experience when i got hired. So i think people who has more experience should get paid more.


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I believe it does and it doesnt.

In the Business world there should only be one recognizable color.... and thats Green. All throughout my time in college in classes pertaining to marketing, management, and administration... the Bottom line for every single business class is the Bottom line, how much Revenue that company brings in.

The way I was taught in all of those classes is that the common goal is to just maximize profits. And to do so, means to employ whoever will help you do so. Heres where I feel the split between race and gender comes in. There are certain markets where Racial and Gender Stigmas will without a doubt hurt a company if not manipulated in the proper manner. For instance black males in Mississippi are not as easily accepted as in California. Females in Muslim rich towns, and other racist or gender things that people might find offensive but unfortunately true.

Take for instance Mayor Villaragosa in Los Angeles. His top Constituency is based upon Mexicans. Mexican Americans in Southern California are notorious for voting solely on last name. So what does Villaraigosa do to get in office? Well he changed his name from Villar to Villaragosa, a more recognizable Latino surname. Therefore marketing to a group that embraces a racist habit. The point I'm trying to make here is that sometimes racism is a necessary evil if you're trying to capitalize in a certain market. Chances are if Tommy Thompson of the Green party were put up against Antonio Villaraigosa... the white guy is going to lose. Therefore bad marketing by the Green Party. But yet its the same job, same pay.... should Race or Gender still matter? Well this is the situation where I believe, yeah in order to get done what you want done... unfortunately it does.

Anywhere else... No, it doesnt matter. Should it matter? No I find the fact that in some fragments of the states that it does matter to be repulsive. But we're only human and habits, especially negative ones are things that take Generations to break. We're just not there yet I guess.