Same Gender GF...


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"love slaves" :D

Some guidelines for posting in this thread:

1. This thread is meant for fun. So if selected, take it as compliment. :)
2. Stay on topic.
3. Do not list minors. (This one is serious.)
4. Try to include every adult registered member of the site. (If you need to think of forum ids, then just check the "active in the last 24 hours list.")
5. Monogamy is not a requirement (in either direction). :D
6. Only adults should participate in this thread.
7. Stay within all other applicable forum rules and guidelines.

I have a superhero/spandex fetish. The other picture's I've posted that rather attractive person are in fact picture's of my loveslave. His name is Bubbles. Our love is pure.
We have had a thread with "Hypothetical Same Gender GF couples." This thread is taking it up a notch. Instead of just pairing couples, who would be whose same gender "love slave?" :D
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Or you're quickly making assumptions about the gender of people attracted to Steerpike's avatar.
No, the avatar was a non-factor in the deductive process. I assure you that the assumption I did make was far more arbitrary and ignorant.


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What's a love slave anyway? I need a job description before I match people. :lol:
In actuality, it is part of some alternative adult lifestyles. It only applies to the sexual part of the relationship in such cases. A "love slave" is one who caters to another's pleasure and they usually get their own pleasure fulfilled by the giving of pleasure to the "love master/mistress" also can be referred to as "dominant/submissive" (adult) relationship.

There is no need for any adult posting to select only one on one for these. :D
Actually, I like being dominated. :shifteyes:
You are allowed to select for yourself. Any adult may list any adult same gender "love slave/love mistress/love master" combinations they want to list. :D
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