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Hmmm... Samantha Brick is not the hottest woman in England.


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But she seems to think she's pretty dern good-looking.

I came across this in the Telegraph and went looking for the original articles. In numero uno, published Tuesday, she pretty much just plain whines about how she's so pretty and so hated; the article is accompanied with photos that demonstrate a woman I probably wouldn't kick out of bed, but who isn't as stunning as she seems to think. She's been given bottles of champagne by plane captains, had train tickets bought by strangers, had bottles of wine sent to her table by men in restaurants, you name it. Her friends don't dare let her alone with their husbands because, she says, they're jealous or insecure enough to think that Samantha's outstanding beauty will make their SOs cheat. She's never been asked to be a bridesmaid because, she implies, she would outshine the bride. Backlash: 5,000 comments, the top-rated of which (getting nearly 25,000 up-arrows/likes from other readers) being as follows:
I don't normally write comments but this article was so outrageous, I just had to. I don't judge on looks, but this writer seems so deluded, I thought perhaps she needed a reality check. Sorry if this sounds mean, but the writer is not that attractive. In fact, she is only marginally ok looking. Her arrogance, however, is breathtaking. Perhaps the reason that other women don't like her is because she comes across as an unlikeable self-obsessed narcissist?
Article the second, a follow-up written by a couple of her Daily Mail colleagues, discusses the backlash, with quotes from various high profile Twitters -- including the wife of the Speaker in the British House of Commons and a whole bunch of celebrities. Samantha Brick has been trending on Twitter for the past two or three days now.

In article number three, we're back to Samantha Brick herself writing, saying the backlash only proves she's right. Again, the comments are not complimentary:
We don't dislike you for thinking you are beautiful, that's fine. It's your arrogant deluded attitude that is annoying.
.....and this just proves you're simply a deluded narcissist.
But... you aren't pretty. At all. Or at least, not photogenic. I don't know what's wrong with you, but can you stop attention-seeking in a national newspaper now? People are losing their homes to a tornado in Texas and all you can do is complain about how your "good looks" (read: vapid personality) have ruined your life. I wouldn't be half as mad, but you actually, seriously, 100% are not good looking. Your delusion and self-centredness angers me. Get a life and some perspective, you sad, pathetic woman.
And the worst-rated of the 3,500 comments on her reaction article:
This women has what every women wants !! SELF ESTEEM!!! Every women should be able to look at themselves as the most beautiful women in the world .You go girl!!!!

I freely admit I'm something of a car-crash news reader; if the fallout is huge and messy and gossipy, I'm there -- rarely getting involved (I almost never comment on anything like this, or anything on any news site, really), apart from sharing the gossip with you lot apparently, but reading right along, you bet. I'm not sure what I think about this one. She definitely seems deluded and has an exaggerated sense of her own importance and attractiveness, but she isn't a complete rank skank, and maybe she really does have ugly insecure friends? And the strangers who send her wine in restaurants have never seen anybody better-looking? And ... her friends' husbands are all cheating-prone bast... I'm un-convincing myself with every line I write, here. Huh.

What are your thoughts? Admire her for standing up and saying what she did? Disgusted by her arrogance? Think she has a point but it was badly made? How about the fallout; are the folks on Twitter being unfair (or cruel?) to her? Guys, is she pretty or utterly delusional? Girls, similar experiences? General thoughts? Love to know what y'all think of this one...!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
No offense, but I don't think she's attractive at all. Maybe there's better pictures of her out there(haven't looked it up) but she definitely needs to get off her high horse and stop pretending she's the hottest woman in England. I'm sure there's thousands of more attractive females in England than her.


Registered Member
I completely agree. I know I said I wouldn't kick her out of bed, but I was being a tad jokingly-mock-chauvinistic tongue-in-cheek with that comment (apologies in advance to everybody I probably just offended. ;]). I do think she's kind of average-y all right, especially considering she's forty-some, but I have seen women (of her age, too) far more attractive than her -- dozens of 'em, and just ordinary people going about their daily lives, as well, not models or anything special.

Moving on before anyone accuses me of chasing cougars, she really does need a reality check. If anything, I think she's decent, certainly not pig-ugly (though nothing special whatsoever, either, I should add), but her attitude puts me right off if nothing else!

This has become a media sensation, though. She was on ITV This Morning (weekday morning news/gossip type programme in the UK) this morning, and the first thing the host said to her was, "Is this a publicity stunt and we've all fallen for it?" Go him. ;D They had a psychologist on, too, who said that a bit of self-worth is a good thing but I believe she added that this was going a little far. (I must admit I was only half-listening, but here's a link to the section if you happen to be interested. I hope it'll work for you in Canada!)


Ms. Malone
I looked all this up when she started trending on Twitter the other day; I read about half the article before I thought that she was nothing but a self centred bitch who has had a few bottles of wine given to her.

For all we know, the gifts are nothing but an exaggeration; the Captain may have heard of her, the stranger buying her ticket may have done so because she was short on cash and late for work and the gentleman used the smile as a reason to be nice - they could all be one off's and she's blown it entirely out of proportion because she's had a few compliments over the years.

As for her friends SO's, she says she isn't a flirt but some people don't realise they're doing it; there's flirting and then there's 'flirting' in a business sense. She's probably making gestures (arm stroking, hand touching etc) that makes it look like flirting to her friends.


It's not me, it's you.
I think that she is attractive. I think that people put way too much emphasis on the perfect type of beauty and are way too superficial these days. There is beauty in most people. It makes me sick when people are called ugly or made fun of for their looks.

The outrageous-ness of the article makes me think that she wrote it that way on purpose to get a reaction. If she really does think that way, then obviously she needs a personality adjustment, but I don't think she's ugly at all.


yellow 4!
I think she's a troll. not as ugly as a troll but still :p

Not too sure why this has got so much attention or why people really care. That might just be because I think she's attention seeking so there's no genuine issue with delusion. Either way, she doesn't come across as completely sane or a nice person.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I wouldn't call her ugly but she isn't beautiful either. I think her self absorbed attitude turns other women off and that's the reason they don't like her. I would not be jealous of her and I bet those other women aren't either, its all in her head. I doubt she is the best looking woman in the room except on rare occasions. She may be the most outgoing, loud or flirty and that may be where the attention is coming from.

I do have to commend her on her self esteem. At least lack of it won't hold her back.


I ♥ Haters
She reminds me of the oh so deluded Helga Phugly from The Oblongs.

Helga Compilation - YouTube

Anyways, I don’t think it ever occurred to her that people hate her because she’s a self-absorbed, narcissistic, egotistical bitch. And to be honest, she’s not that pretty either. Her cake FACE looks like a leather handbag. And if she was as beautiful as she says she is, maybe she could've found herself a better looking man... y’know, one that doesn't look like a 60-something year old pedophile. Just sayin’. I gotta say though, she's certainly not lacking in the confidence department.

Also, if I was as deluded as her, I’d be a shoe-in for the Miss Universe competition.


No Custom Title Exists
She is pretty good looking but not good looking enough to be going on national television and stating that women hate her because she is hot. But you never know do you, maybe they do hate her because of that? Many women think that beautiful women get into major jobs because of their looks rather than their knowledge. Which I guess in some situations can be correct, in some perhaps not.


I think she's attractive, but so are millions of other people on the planet. It's good that she is confident in her body and with her appearance and all of that, but I just can't believe how much media attention this is getting. I even saw it on a news show before. Is a story like this really THAT important? What with all that is happening all over the world each day, and people keep reporting on this woman complaining about being too pretty. It's pathetic.