Sam Adams child molestor/mayor


i dont know if many of you have heard but recently it came out that the mayor of my lovely city portland, oregon..... lied during elections about his sexual relationship with a young intern named beau breedlove.

i'm torn about how i feel about how the city is reacting to the news. on one hand this man needs to be impeached immediatly because although the sexual relationship was consentual, beau claims he was only 17 when it occured and mr. adams claims beau was 18. either way the mayor was 46 when the incident occured which leaves open the question of, even though its legal (if 18) does that nessicarly mean its still ok?

the other thing i've whitnessed is the slam this has made against gay and straight relations. i was listening to dr. michael savage the other day and a woman called in that i can only discribe as ignorant, she was not from oregon and made a comment resembling "well this is what that filthy hippie town gets for electing a gay man into any sort of important spot, gays shouldn't even be cops let alone mayors." this disgusts me first of all because making a judgement like that about my city, my home obviously hurts but also the fact that she believes being gay automatically disqualifies him from the position honestly he is made to do. the other candidate quite honestly is not qualified by any standards. at this time sam adams is refusing to quit office.



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Well for one thing, i'd probably have sex with a guy if his name was 'beau breedlove' :p

As for the judgmental comments made about him, it's always going to happen. Incidents like this are when the real life trolls (in this case homophobes) crawl out from under their rocks and say "see! i was right all along!"

As for the incident in itself, this guy was the mayor. Whether young mr breedlove was 17 or 18 at the time, i'm sure he knew exactly what he was doing either way. Very foolish on the part of the mayor though.


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Seriously, with a name like Beau Breadlove, how could that kid NOT be gay?

I do have to comment on that caller's statement as well, though. If the kid had been one year older, no crime would have been committed. Yet somehow the crime is the fault of the mayor's sexual preference? Seriously, if you have a problem with him being gay, the least you could do is just say "I hate that gay mayor" and not insinuate that all homosexuals are child molesters.


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Age gaps mean nothing as long as the people involved are legal and consent to the relationship. Age is nothing but a taboo. End of story.

However, I can't help but feel that there's a difference between 17 and 18. I know, I know, 18 is the legal age. It's just me though, I've always felt most age laws are silly. Sex is different, yes, but I think cases of underage relations should be handled individually. I think immediately labeling this mayor guy a sicko or degenerate like people no doubt have, they should only be investigating A: Consent and B: Age. If he was underage, then yes the mayor should face charges and face expulsion from his position. If not, people need to chill and realize it's not the 1950's anymore, that age gaps are not massively important.


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I find it funny that if it was 3 days before he turned 18 the guy is labelled a 'sicko' but if it was 3 days after he turned 18 it's fine.

like i say, Beau Breedlove (still can't get over that name) knew what he was doing, and to be honest i'd say the mayor was just led into a trap. Breedlove probably planned to claim damages right from the start.

Just wondering though, i'm pretty sure in Ireland (and maybe the UK) if they told you they were 18, or gave you that impression (for example, meeting them in an over 18's/over 21's club) then you can't be done for child molestation. I think it's actually a pretty recent change to the law, and i think it's fair. Does that rule apply in America (or specifically Oregon)? Or is it black and white, 'you had sex with an underage person = you're a child molester'?


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Yeah, that's how America works. Hell if the kid had chained him to the bed and raped him over and over again at the age of sixteen, all he'd have to do is go on TV and say, "My dad never loved me" and the mayor would probably get the death penalty.

Our country is kind of insane like that.