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Hello im new to the internet as a whole. I have recently been forced into an extreme amount of free time and so a friend suggested this site as a good way to pass the minuets. I plan on being around for a few months so i figured i would introduce myself.

You may call me what you like but i prefer Jeru (jay-roo).


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Hey man, I just checked who your referral was and he hasn't been on in ages. You should get him to come back too. He was pretty cool!

Anyway welcome. What are you into?


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Who was his referral?

Anyway, hello and welcome to the forum. I hope you become an active member and this place will grow on you in no time!


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Thanks for the heads up Twitch
Sorry to dissapoint you renniegade
I bought my referals computer so i am not sure if he has another way to get on but i will talk to him and let him know you think he is cool

i am into alot but mainly music and music:lol:
New to the internet? Wow, you have missed out on so much wasted time. Fear not, you can make up for it here with us. :nod:

Welcome to GF!


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I was raised in Italy Iris
I was raised without TV or Computer Rebeccaaa so it wasnt until recently that i had joined the rest of the population on the internet
My referral was KZA_GFX Nixola, i plan on being active for a little while