Salvage team finds wreck of the Victory


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Victory at last? Salvage team says it has found 1744 wreck - Times Online

The location of the wreck of HMS Victory, precursor to Admiral Nelson’s flagship, has remained a mystery since she sank without trace off Alderney with the loss of all 1,100 officers and ratings.
So too has the reason that the wooden man-of-war became separated from escorting vessels as they returned from fighting the French fleet off Portugal in the autumn of 1744. Now a salvage company claims to have found the wreck of what was once described as the finest ship in the world.
Old naval wreck may hold a $1 billion in gold | UK | Reuters

U.S. salvage teams said on Monday they had found the wreck of a British naval ship which sank in 1744 and may still be laden with a cargo of gold coins now worth over a billion dollars (701.3 million pounds).
Nice find!!!!

$1 billion in gold and silver aboard it. I do hope marine archeology takes precedent over treasure hunting but I fear that that with all the complex legalities and treaties involved with such a find it may be a while before anything happens.