Sales Tax?


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I'll start off by saying this, "I don't want sales tax eliminated" but seriously what's up with sales tax?

All it does is make a product cost more than it is advertised for (except for the government getting money of course).

In my opinion they should just start including sales tax in the overall price of an item that way you spend EXACTLY how much you are expecting to spend. And of course the government still gets what they should so really everyone is better off or the same if they started including sales tax with items.

Anyone have any good thoughts on this?
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I agree with that. I hate having to estimate how much I'm gong to have to pay. It'd make shopping a whole lot easier.

I remember the first time I went to Taiwan, I thought the lady forgot to add the tax when I paid the displayed amount.

I have always thought that there should be two prices displayed: one store price and one price with tax. that way, there are no surprises.

or like if something is 19.99 and you only have a 20 dollar bill, you dont suddenly feel all flustered when the sales tax crops up at the register.


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What I'm saying in this thread is that it's pointless to have a store price if it is going to cost you more than it is advertised to be.

What's the purpose in having more than one price tag? There should be one price tag, the one with the sales tax added into it.:D


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Sales tax rates vary from state to state, not to mention from county to county. Not even taking into account the different laws for sales tax in different states. For example food in Ohio has no sales tax, cloths in PA have no sales tax, etc.

It would be difficult and expensive for a corporation to calculate sales tax totals to put an additional price tags on products. It's much easier to just program each store's computer with a %.

Not to mention calculating excise or "sin" tax on cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol would be troublesome for corps depending the state and/or the locality.

It's easier to just memorize the sales tax of you county and just multiply it by the cost if you are that worried about it.

I can understand where you kids are coming from but also from a marketing perspective putting a higher price tag on a product is simply dumb.
I think we should just eliminate it.
Eliminating Sales tax is absurd all the states would just hike up their tax rates so more would be withheld from you check.

Eliminating state tax though? That I am all about. Florida, Texas, Washington and some other choice states have no state tax.
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The only reason you even know about the sales tax is because it is required by law to protect the consumer. The amazing thing is that we complain about a sales tax when income tax was supposed to be a temporary thing to suppliment the 2nd world war. Good luck trying to get the Legal Mafia to exterminate that one.