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Sales and Coupons


Registered Member
When you go shopping do you use coupons? Do you look for sales? If there's a sale how much off does the product need to be before you go get it? If there was a sale how far would you travel to get to it?


The Rock is cooking atm..
The only shopping I ever do is food shopping. It's going to sound so lame, but my mum does clothes shopping for me because I basically wear the same thing every day. Singlet and shorts lol Only use coupons for food, otherwise if there's a game sale going on, I'd probs pounce on that or anything in regards to electronics.


Registered Member
My Grampa taught me how to use coupons. He would always say to me Look how much I saved on my receipt. And this is a good strategy that he used. Say for example that a case of soda is $5.69. Now you have a coupon that says $1 off for the soda. Now go to a store that takes the $1 off and double coupon day... Find a store that has a sale for $4.69 and with the coupon it's $3.69 plus double coupon day making it a total of $2.69. Now you have a savings of $3. That's a real bargain.

I thank God for my Grampa teaching me these things.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I look for sales and I use coupons. Sometimes though places like Walmart will be cheaper than others sale price.

One time when out shopping we noticed that the sale price was actually higher than their regular price. It was only a couple of cents but we thought that was weird.