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Salary caps in pro sports?


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Invest it in coaches and staff, or better facilities.

What about the small time markets like Tampa Bay or Cincinnati? Why is it they can put up a decent football team, yet consistently horrible baseball teams? The salary cap.


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Also, look at the Ravens against the Orioles, and the Yankees against the Giants(NFL). You see one team dominating with money in baseball(Yankees), and one team dominating in football(Ravens). Its an interesting example of how the salary cap affects the sport. Know if the Yankees had a Salary cap they would be nowhere close to the force they are now. However, if the Giants had no salary cap they could sign whoever they want because they are a huge market(being in NY) and it would draw the attention of big name players. Baltimore is a huge city with a large amount of Baseball and football fans, but we see The Orioles falter(cheap owner) and the Ravens Flourish(NFL mandated Salary cap).