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Safari browser, Good or Bad ???


Can anyone tell me anything about the Safari Browser ??

Is it a good browser or bad browser ???
Any tips or tricks for the browser ???


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its mac so i vote no, just no lol

but in all seriousness go with manufacturer software, what i mean by that is if you have a mac use safari itll work best :barf: (ugh cant believe i said that) microsoft internet explorer works best with windows and google chrome works best with google chrome os, but all in all firefox cant be beat :)
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it's not a bad browser, but not the best one.
it's a normal browser. i wouldn't think highly about it.


Son of Liberty
I use iTunes all the time so when those updates come on it pretty much always somehow manages to sneak Safari back on my computer after an update no matter how many boxes I click or unclick.

What I saw the first time I used it was nothing much. To me it felt like Glitchy Google Chrome. I dont personally care for Chrome because I'm so used to Firefox... and so Safari was just laughable to me.