Saddam Executed


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As far as things go, it's a good thing that he's dead. You don't want him escaping from prison. He'd more than likely be killed anyway. Politically, it makes Bush look like a hero. I don't want to get into a Bush argument, though.

I have seen the video, and you're not really missing much. It's really shaky and a bad angle.

(Warning, please don't look at this is you have a weak stomach or are easily offended. I only mean it for those who are interested)
Basically, he just prays out loud to Mohamed and mid-prayer they drop him and you here a ton of praise for Allah and Mohamed and then you see him in the noose with his head facing the ceiling. It's a very creepy sight.


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They wasted no time in executing him. I thought there was going to be some setbacks cause the day they were going to execute him was the day a religious holiday was to begin and also a family member was to be notified of his execution. He was burried with his sons who were killed in a firefight with U.S forces.

The news reported that 3,000 U.S troops were killed in Iraq. :shake: