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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TGirl, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. TGirl

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    We all have horrible things that happen in our communities, but we here just hardly ever have BIG STORY lines ya know...I live right next to Handford Nuclear Plant...Many may not know what that is or where it is, but usually that is what is pasted all over our local newspaper (no I don't glow in the dark or have a third arm)...I don't live in a small community either, its just there is usually nothing that happens here....

    Well last Monday a man killed his wife on our side of town (where we just moved too) well the thing is is that he waited a day after that before he killed his children one 7 and one 4 the same way he killed his wife....he waited a whole day...not that it is not horrible enough, but OMG the poor children had to live in that home with there deceased mom for 24 hours.....I am beside my self right now....They did not find out till a family member was called from her work..saying she had not shown up for work in three days, so her father-in-law went to check things out and since it was dark in the home and outside he had to get a flash light to see in...that is when he saw the babies on their bed and floor dead....This was Thursday night...
    I knew this woman as she worked at a local Grocery store that me and my hubby go to all the time...I just didn't know her name...So I didn't know which checker it was...but I know most of them by face.....
    So I went into the store today to get my Prescription from the Pharmacy and while I was waiting I had to ask the gal there which checker it was....I felt bad for doing that, but they have not posted any pic's in the paper and you know how you see someone almost everyday and always talk, but never really know their name?? Well The gal that works the Pharmacy told me who it was and OMG I about fainted right there........I had to sit down at the blood pressure machine and relax for a second...
    This gal was the most friendliest/hyper gal ever..I know people say that, but she always made a point to pay a compliment to me or my kids....and it was just the weekend before she died that I remember her comming up to me in the store, leaving her check stand to tell me she Loved my shirt and wanted one BAD... I remember the shirt too "I Do Whatever The Voices In My Head Tell Me to Do...."
    She was 26 years old...........I am just so sad right now.....Things just do not happen like this around here and I have lived here my whole life....just heart breaking!!

    Ok I guess I didn't need to post this, but you are all my theropy

  2. kromsales

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    Omg! Thats horrible!! I am so sorry. Even though you didnt know her well I know all to well how it can still hurt. Ihope they caught him and make him suffer the way those poor children did! I am thinking about ya ;)
  3. doubles2004

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    Sorry.To hear this trina ...Its bad that people do things like this.I hope they find him and hang him by his well you know ..just remember we are here for ya .. If not here you know where to find us ... ;)
  4. nani1987

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    Wow I am sorry to hear that. The town I live in a few months ago this guy went into the church sat in the back pew and he pulled out a shotgun and blew he head off. I heard about it and I just couldnt' someone would do such a thing. But found out later his wife had died a few yr and had a son. Well he son was killed in over in iraq. so he was alone. Had no one.. I hate seeing people alone like that.It broke my heart. I didnt even see or know the guy. I wanted to go the funeral but he had no family so the city took over.. not a way to go I know what you mean..
  5. TGirl

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    They do have the hubby in custody....he was sitting on the couch I guess for those few days waiting for the Police or something...the paper said when the cops went in he was sitting there and looked up at them and then stood up and put his hands on his head.....
    Picture this...she is about 5 foot and maybe 95 pounds and they said he was 220 and 6'2".......ugggggggggggggggggg

    I guess he was laid off work two years ago and started drinking and she worked every shift she could to support them......not a reason to snap, but he knew he did wrong obviously, and he didn't run... He must of thought of killing himself, because he had a stab wound (self inflicted) but he didn't go through with it...
    its just sad sad sad
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  6. nani1987

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    man i feel sorry for the guy but like you said no excuse to kill his family. He should of just left. I wonder what makes these people snap. I know at one time i was depression at one time but i never thought of killing anyone or myself. but i guess they really got to be out of it.

    you know it would be nice if the pushiment would be same as the crime committed but that either way would be wrong.
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  7. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    well the person that would have to fulfill the punishment would have to be a sick puppy on this one or would end up going crazy if they had to do it the same as the crime committed......uggggggggg

    I, myself, believe in capital Punishment, but I also believe God wants no man to suffer....and just because they did (the wife and kids) I don't believe he should have too, but he should have to be put to death for the crimes committed...cuz who is to say he would not do it again...that is three lives that have been ended by his hand and they were his family!!!

    Ok I know I have went to deep and this is very controversial....but remember this is my opinion and mine alone...and is not intended to change someone else’s mind on the subject....I stated my belief and that is all it is not intended for a debate of any kind.....
  8. fairyquadmother

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    That's really super sad. Makes it scary and real when it's so close by.

    Dunno if anyone here has heard of Skidmore Missouri, but it's only 13 miles from me, in this county, and I tell ya, lots of weird crap has happened there (maybe 200-300 ppl tops).

    Remember a few months back, the woman that the baby was cut out of her and kidnapped? Skidmore, MO.

    Ever hear of Ken Rex McElroy? They wrote a book and made a tv movie about him. He terrorized his town for years and years, and so finally the town turned on him, and someone there killed him in the middle of town "In broad daylight" (name of the book... best seller). Everyone saw it, no one ratted anyone out (don't blame them). Anyway... Skidmore MO.

    And lastly, a young guy there met someone off the net a few years ago, and went to meet them (another man) and was kidnapped and killed. Down in Texas I think. Skidmore MO.

    Real Estate is cheap in Skidmore. I can buy a house for $15k.

    Not gonna.
  9. 1_ares_1

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    I just saw this thread...guess I must've missed it yesterday. Very tragic. I wish I could say that these things don't happen where I live. Unfortunately, they seem to happen alot in California. I guess it's just from the pressures of living so close and traffic so cruddy and gangs and drugs and a million bars all in one state. It's almost expected here every 6 months or so. I'm just so sorry that it caught you off guard and that you knew her. wow, to live somewhere that this is so rare... I just can't imagine.
  10. nani1987

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    yeah in california lots of things happen, but when you think about it , regardless 3 innocent lives were ended short, I believe in capital punshment as well, lethal injection is more acceptable then the electric these are my opinion as well and my alone. I hate seeing kids having their lives ended so short before they even got a chance to live their life. I would do anything for my kids and my husband. They are my life and I would never want harm to come to them or myself or anyone. It is sad these things do happen. be nice if it never happened. nani
    I will say a prayer for the family tonite.

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