Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys, Monday July 17th 2006

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This is the bird of all birds. Sadly she doesn't see much plays these day’s as she once did before. The reason for this is simple; it's called Chaos.

When looking at the meta this card just doesn't make the cut for two reasons. The first reason is the fact that it's not a light or dark which means it will not benefit a chaos filled meta. The second reason lies in the fact that it's effect has to do with returning from the graveyard.

Not being chaos food hurts a lot of cards, but in this case it hurts it even more. Here we have a monster that is fire and has support that is wind. Having those two elements in your grave simply will not help when a person needs some Chaos food when they are looking to bring out the Chaos Sorcerer.

Aside from the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys not beings Chaos food it doesn't do any thing when summoned. In this day and age monsters need to be able to have an effect when they hit the field. Sadly the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys doesn't. You have to sit and wait for it to get destroyed by an effect of monster, spell, or trap. Waiting isn't good especially when people play a number between 1-3 Chaos Sorcerers. Being able to have it's effect not even swing into play hurts this card seeing how it'll probably get removed.

If you ever plan on playing this card you may want to wait. This isn't the best format to be playing it on. May be next format, but not this one. How ever if you insist on it there are a few key cards that will help this card out.

Below you will find a list of cards that can help the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys se play:
Apprentice Magician
Hand Nephthys
Treeborn Frog
Gravekeeper's Spy
Sprit Reaper
Old Vindictive Magician

The idea is simple really. Use cards that are good for tribute and use cards that are good with low level spell casters to create a devastating display of card advantage.

Traditional: 2.5-5 (works well against Chaos Emperor Dragon)
Advanced: 2-5
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