Sabres...from my hometown

I love the Sabres. Always been a fan, never a band-wagon person. No matter what happens I will always love the Sabres.

They come from my Hometown of Buffalo, NY. I am happy to see that they are great this season, but have noticed that most of the matches have been extremely close. Which is an understatement. OT matches seem to be commonplace for them and they always seem to pull a win somehow.

I was wondering, what do you guys think about them? Favorites for Stanley Cup perhaps?

Also, What about their Goalies, Biron and Miller? Do you think Biron is doing a great job with Miller being out as long as he has? I personally think he is doing great, but Miller does better.

I haven't been able to watch many games lately ever sinced I moved back to Florida because I keep so busy. So if anyone could post here and keep me up-to-date on any injury reports and game scores please. That would be awesome.

I'd grab a newspaper, but have to say I have no time to read them.


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They have the strongest teams in the Eastern Conference, I believe they have a good chance of making the Stanley Cup Finals if they remain healthy, this team is one of the fastest teams out there, and I believe they have the best passing team in league. They have like awesome players in:

Too true. Briere has to be the best for us. He is our main guy and everyone seems to like him over the others. Vanek has his good times, and bad, but he is an overall good player like the rest.

Afinegenov...hmm...just great...I enjoy watching him in the Shootouts


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Well he's called Baby Bure for a reason, he started a little slow in is career, but when the New NHL arrived he has been dominating since, and I believe he's the best player of the team, he might not be the best defender, but the guy has speed, puck control and great hands.


Well you guys are having a great season, #1 in the Eastern conference, Vanek is having an amazing season so far, as our Afinogenov and Drury. Miller has been really solid in goal too.


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The Sabres are probably the beast of the east to say. They are the strongest team in the east thus far in the season and they don't look to be slowing down. Miller has had an excellent year and same with others such as Biron , Vaken , Briere and Afinogenov. They are bringing exciting hockey back to Buffalo and I have to agree with Sephiroth_Masamune I like the Sabres and I have ever since I started watching hockey. Im not a bandwagoner either