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PC Games S.t.a.l.k.e.r


New Member
Ok guys, now those of you who know me, know that I whinge about particular games - ALOT. Unfortunately I have another to whinge about, and it breaks my heart because I was looking forward to this title (STALKER obviously).

Now, I've gone and spent $89.95 (AU) and been presented with a title that is incomplete due to the absolute nightmare of online compatibility issues for users and the bug ridden engine (that looks a little old anyway - source poo's all over it) i.e. graphics? tsch....

Of course everyone knows that this game has been delayed for some time, and I don't think anyone could have cared anymore if it was delayed for another month or two if it meant the final product would be playable.

To the developers - how dare, HOW DARE, you treat your consumers like this.
The online community started building up as people logged on for the first time - and already people are leaving it. Personally, I am taking my copy back to eb games tomorrow to get my money back.
If you read a review that says - yeah, the game sorta isn't playable, but it might be after a few patches so lets give it 94/100 anyway!, then the reviewer should be shot.
NO GAME, should be released where it has that many bugs, that it needs to advertise the fact that patches are on the way. I JUST PAID MONEY FOR IT FFS. If it has an online option - I want it to work - and work well!
PPL, I would love to list the bugs, but seriously, you'll just have to play the demo, because I feel like I have been ripped off, and I'm too anooyed to write anymore.