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S.A. mattress store issues second apology for 'disgusting' 9/11 ad depicting towers falling


Registered Member
Using so many deaths to sell cheap mattresses is so totally over the top. Those people didn't die to help them sell products. It was a horrible tragedy for so many people that lost friends and family members. No surprise people complained. Those sales people need to wake up and stop thinking only about profits.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Using a tragedy to make money backfired on them, good.


Problematic Shitlord
I'm still a bit blown away that ANYONE thought this would be a good idea.

There were THREE people in that commercial who managed to hold smiles while crashing through TWIN MATTRESS TOWERS. Again, I love my dark humor and I would have laughed if this was satire, but it's stunning that it wasn't.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Pretty much what @Merc said. This is not just some honest mistake. This is a thought-out, purposely horrible decision and nobody should feel bad for them and what they are going through now. If I had worked for they store and they asked me to be in that comical, I would have refused and quit. I can't even believe they got people to act in it, let alone approve it for filming. Totally tasteless and unacceptable. This is not an issue of "too soon". There are historical events that simply we never going to be ok to joke about. If somebody had been joking about Pearl Harbor I would feel the same way.


not a plastic bag
Like Merc said, as satire to point out over-commercialization this could have been really funny. Every mattress store has a big sale on Memorial Day. What?-Soldiers are falling so are our prices?!? That's not enough for this mattress store I guess.


Registered Member
if they ran a Pearl Harbor-themed ad today, people would still be outraged. If they did it in 1956, they'd be lucky to avoid arson.