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Russian warship fires at fishing boat


Registered Member
The sour Russia-Turkey relations are escalating. The warship Smetlivy that was anchored near Greece fired warning shots at a Turkish fishing boat to prevent a collison.

"We were not aware that they had fired shots at us," Muzaffer Gecici said. "We have video footage and we have handed this to the coastguard. We didn't even know it was a Russian ship."
To prevent a collision, "small arms were fired in the direction of the Turkish vessel from a range that is not lethal".
The ministry said that "immediately after that the Turkish vessel drastically changed course" and passed within half a kilometre of the Smetlivy, still making no contact with the Russian crew.

What I dont get is how they couldnt know they were on a collison course with a Russian ship. Also why they didnt even try to communicate. And how can a captain be a captain if he doesnt even know where the ship is going or what all the obstacles are? Imo thats a recipe for an epic disaster.


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Since it was a fishing boat maybe they were busy with lines and had the boat on autopilot. I really don't know, you would think someone would be keeping an eye on where they were going.