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Russian Tanker Finally reaches Alaskan Town


Free Spirit
Staff member
A Russian tanker is preparing to off-load more than a million gallons of diesel and gasoline to fuel-starved Nome, after finally reaching the Alaska town's iced-in harbor to send that cargo through a mile-long hose without a spill. Read More Here
I bet these people are glad the Russians are coming. I would be if I lived in Nome and was about to run out of fuel. It wouldn't take long up there to turn into a Popsicle. They haven't unloaded the fuel yet but it must of been a difficult task getting as far as they have considering the conditions. I have to wonder why we didn't take them the fuel, not that I don't appreciate their efforts and why Nome miscalculated how much fuel they needed.

Alaska is one of those places I would like to see before I die but in the summer months. Guess I need to put that on my bucket list.:lol:


Haters gonna hate.
Nome is a pretty nice place. I have actually been there. :lol:

The people of Nome have been struggling lately with an awful lot of snow and ice, and with their seemingly stranded location, it is great to see that they will be kept warm for a while longer.

For once, thanks Russia!


Registered Member
Big ups, Russia! :D Awesome work!
Russia does a lot of really cool and amazing things but nobody hears about it very much in the US media. I'm really happy they were able to save Nome from the oil crunch.
If any Russians are reading this, Большое спасибо!
I'd like to visit Nome in the winter. The snow forts and tunnels would be epic! :D Stay warm guyz!