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Russian Police have a problem...

Misha Mayhem

Registered Member
HA! What idiots. :) But seriously, they can fuck off. xD


The return shall be legenday!
I've seen videos on Facebook that I wished I've never seen, but the things some Russians do to homosexuals is absolutely disgusting. We think our society isn't advanced enough to the real world...it's actually nothing compared to what is currently happening in Russia.


Registered Member
You might want to turn your stink eye towards Arizona. Not only have they been awful towards immigrants over the years... they just passed a bill that allows store owners to deny gay/lesbians service. NHL just saved their hockey team... and the NHL fully endorses "You Can Play"... Should be an interesting conversation coming up!


New Member
Я думаю, это последнее, о чем они думают, если они вообще о чем-то думают.