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Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Assassinated in Ankara


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Yeah I read all about that this morning and I'm still all "wtf!".I mean, it's not like it can really change anything up. The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case and they believe more than one is involved. It could even be a PKK plot. They totally would have a serious agenda about what's happening in Aleppo.

Both Putin and Erdogan agree that the assassination was aimed at derailing Russia-Turkey ties and they said that's not going to happen.
[URL\The Latest: Putin, Erdogan: Killing Aimed at Derailing Ties[/URL]
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I just saw on the local news that the shooter is "identifed as 22-year-old Mevrut Mert Altntas, a riot police officer in Ankara."

A Turkish riot cop killed the Russian ambassador in the city that employs him? Huh?


Sultan of Swat
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U.S. embassy and consulates in Turkey are closed today due to safety concerns. There were reports of a shooting near the embassy in Ankara as well.


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The fact of the matter that this was an internal attack from an officer will make things a bit more serious, the video was shocking enough, and seeing the gunman killed and photos posted all over twitter yesterday. This was indeed was something no one saw coming, now's the waiting game to see what comes of it.