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Russia/Donbass visa-free zone


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President Vladimir Putin signed into law today legislation that establishes a visa-free zone with Donetsk and Lugansk in east Ukraine. The people in east Ukraine are now allowed to travel, work, and go to school in Russia. The law also accepts all official Donbass documents including passports, vehicle registrations, birth certificates, and Donbass car tags.

The Russia/Donbass was a total wtf issue for me... until now. Yeah, the Minsk agreements but I never thought Putin had a serious interest in a region that small. I mean, the whole Ukraine is only the size of Texas. But with the new visa-free zone the border is open and people can travel from either side.


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I don't know what to think about this. Maybe its just a way to allow Russians living in the area to return to Russia and possibly stay or they are trying to take over part of Ukraine by allowing Russians to go there to live so they can fight the government. I guess we will see.


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The White House is all wtf about it. Pence and the media condemned the move but then they retracted the story. So maybe Pence isn't bromancing Vladimir Putin... lol.

The legislation is the 1st legal recognition of the Donbass as a legit State. It violates the Minsk Agreements but maybe that's why it was signed. It also happened after the rebels accused the OSCE of supporting the Ukrainian army.

It's also the 1st time the Donbass has been openly recognized as a Russian ally and gives Russia the legal right to come to it's aid - monetarily and militarily. So maybe Putin is dropping the kid gloves and Minsk. I totally will be watching and listening to the Doni News podcasts to see what happens next...

Just wow! There is free press in the US, right? I had serious issues finding this article and getting the link.

K. It's the US embassy in Ukraine that slammed the legislation not the White House or Trump. I'm still totally clueless about what's happening there.
But I was so totally avoiding the tie eater... till now. I just read Saakashvili's FB and he's gone all anti Poroh. He's trying to organize a new Maidan from Odessa.
Still all wtf atm...
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