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So I'm listenin' to Rush while I'm working on my artwork right, and I realize what a good band Rush is, so, I was curious. What is YOUR top favorite song from Rush? I'm stuck between Tom Sawyer and YYZ. And yours?


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I like rush though it my be boring somtimes my favorite song is Tom Sawyer or however u spell it lol oh well i think people don't know what rush is.=/


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Peart's about as good of a drummer as there is, combine that with Geddy's awesome bass styling and you have yourself an amazing band. Lifeson's also a really good guitarist too...there isn't a whole lot not to like here.


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I really dislike the singers voice. I LOVE the music though, it is so well put together. I don't have any favourites, but whenever I run into their music I always listen to it.