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Rush Limbaugh ebay auction


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I rarely listen to Rush Limbaugh, but I love this. Rush got into some trouble recently because he made a remark about a guy that got arrested for pretending to be a soldier and a bunch of Democrat Senators tried to say he called all soldiers who disagree with the war phony. All political posturing. So, basically all of the Democrat Senators sent a letter to the president of Clear Channel requesting Rush to be disciplined. (Freedom of Speech, anyone?) So, Limbaugh has put the letter they sent up for auction on ebay with all the proceeds going to a charity. lol. I think it is too funny - You don't censure a private citizen for expressing his views.

Original Harry Reid/Rush Limbaugh Smear Letter - (eBay item 260170172469 end time Oct-19-07 10:00:00 PDT)
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Current Bid: $17,000 USD

Not bad. That's pretty funny. He has the right to his opinion and if people don't like it that's what that little nob on the radio is for... At least he's having a good time with it. Those people should feel pretty dumb now that not only was he not "disciplined" but getting even more press than he would have normally. :)


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Wow, it's up to 44k and still going. Taxes are gonna suck for that.


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I read that Limbaugh put out a challenge to Harry Reid to buy the letter back as a way of supporting the charity. lol. I wouldn't be surprised to see it go over $200K.