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Movies Rush Hour 3



Has anybody seen this movie, I love it. I was so hilarious. I think this one was the best out all 3!:w00t:


Despite people bitching about the Rush Hour movies, I quite enjoy them. I havents seen 3 yet, but I plan to watch it whenever I see it on TV in the future or if a friend gets the DVD.


A Darker Knight
It had funny moments, but overall it was just like the others. I liked the taxi driver :D


I saw I and II. Wasn't impressed with either so I'll pass on III.


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I've seen the trailer and I fell in love with it, it seems awesome and funny as well. I recon it's better than the first one and the second one, but I guess I shouldn't judge the book by it's cover.


Registered Member
I saw it. Man Chris Tucker's put on some weight.

Overall it was decent. It was pretty short just like the previous films and I will say this without Chris Tucker the film would have sucked. Also there wasnt as much chemistry between the actors as there was in the previous ones.

It was a good movie but it should have been released in 2003 or 2004 only a couple years after the other two. It just seems like this Rush Hour didnt "fit" as well as its predecessors.
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