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Running tied to shorter lifespan


Free Spirit
Staff member
Running regularly has long been linked to a host of health benefits, including weight control, stress reduction, better blood pressure and cholesterol. However, recent research suggests there may a point of diminishing returns with running.

Too much running tied to shorter lifespan, studies find - CBS News
They don't seem to be saying don't run at all but you shouldn't over do it like running in marathons. They don't even seem to be sure why it will lower your lifespan but I thought I would pass this information along for you runners out there.

I like to just go walking myself either normal or speed walking. Running seems to be hard on your joints especially if you run on pavement. I have a neighbor that jogs on pavement a lot and she is having knee problems.

Do your run? If so how much? Do you feel you run too much? Do you have joint problems because of it?


Well-Known Member
Key words there "too much". I think each of us has different limits but it's easy to know when we're pushing it a bit too hard, at some point you're doing damage to your body.

No way is my running detrimental to my health. I don't have any joint problems affiliated with running, I keep my weight under control, and I'm in overall good condition.

I can understand where running marathons and whatnot could be really bad for you, those put a TON of strain on your body and honestly 26.2 miles has always seemed excessive to me.