Running - Falling


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Ok. So has anyone ever had it where... they were running as like HARD as you can.. like a sprint and in the middle of it.. like when your just hitting the fastest you can go and you just... fall over?

This morning my family went out to eat for breakfast.. and I was racing my dad to the car and it was only like.. 50 meters... and I just like lost my balance and fell over... I hurt my side and my hand from it

I'm in ballet and I like to think that I have pretty good ballance.. so I cant understand how I just fell over... it felt like.. i just lost it

has anyone ever had this happen and can you explain to me maby why it happened? I didnt trip or anything.. its just... i fell foward or somthing. :confused:


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I can't ever remember doing that but I have had the power go out while I've been running flat out on the treadmill before and slammed myself into it.


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When I was younger, I love racing. I was one who ran fastest in my class - which is saying a lot because I'm not tall and I cover a shorter distance with every step :lol:. But one day I just fell. Ouch. I don't understand either why it happened (except, yeah I bet all runners fall every now and then). So the next times I ran, I am always reminded how I fell because of running fast and it made me slower my pace. I'm still afraid now to run faster.
When I was at the fair (that's right, I was at a fair...wanna fucking fight?) my friends bet me I couldn't run and eat a french fry at the same time. I grabbed one, put it in my mouth, took one step forward and fell flat on my face, giving myself a bloody...well...face.

Its amazing how your friends can sustain their laughter, even when you cant stop bleeding.


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I do not believe that I have ever once tripped while running at any speed, I can't remember one instance. (although I did have this time when I rolled because i was leaning too far forward.)

The reason why you tripped is because you're leaning too far forward for how fast your legs are moving, different people can move their legs faster than others, so their lean during their sprint can be much better than slower sprinters, i would suggest not leaning so far forward.


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There have been times where I've tripped, or fallen off-balance while accelerating, but I've never just fallen over while running top speed.


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in football and wrestling sometimes they make a game out of conditioning where you form teams or something and you all race. they usually give you an incentive for getting first place so everyone tries really hard. sometimes when you're doing something to the max even the smallest change in rhythm can throw you off. i feel you barbie girl


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Its amazing how your friends can sustain their laughter, even when you cant stop bleeding.

That sentence made me happy :D

yah i was sprinting trying to finish the mile run at school ad i just fell, i didn't trip or anything i just did a front flip somehow and landed on my back


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i remember when i was a kid, i was racing my sister into our relative's house. we were pretty much neck and neck when she slowed down and stopped. i thought it was because she was tired so i kept running, enjoying the taste of victory! unfortunately the reason she stopped was because there was a closed glass screen door which i didn't know was there.


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:haha: :dizzy: