Running a program on another computer

Hi, Can any body help!

I have two computers A and B on the LAN. If I work on computer A, how can I run a program on computer B in its backgroup wi thout taking whole control of computer B?

or how can I log in computer B from A ,and run program when there is someone working on computer A?

Many thanks.


Staff member
The easiest way might be to run remote desktop, which will not log off the current user on computer B.

What operating system are you using for each? Are these windows computers?
Both computers run on windows xp pro. Is there a software I need to purchase to have remote desktop? Some of them I have seen take over the desktop completely.

You could also use winVNC, its alot less resource hungry that RDP and better (IMHO)

or get into scripting and script it through VBS.

Just my 2 Cents worth.

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