Run-time error '91'


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I using word 2000. Now it is trouble. If I into word, found message box :
Run-time error '91'
Object variable or with block variable no set

And then ..

I do not see toolbar standard, formatting, drawing etc .... only ruler in top and left

I had repair and uninstall my word, but that was not worked. No virus founded if I scan

Why my word and how fix that ?

Thank, you help me...


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Try disabling Add-ins in Word (Tools->Templates & Add-In), just highlight and remove. If the problem is with a particular file, than it may be a problem with a macro (the error sounds like a VBA macro).


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thank you help me.... but I do not find Tools, Menu, Edit, Help, Format etc.

It is blank, only see white paper, ruler right and left.


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If I want using word, first see box message "MyAddln".

You can see that picture ... first I open my word ...

And open all ..



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Oh, eww! I've never seen anything like that before!

How old is your computer? How much memory do you have? I wonder if it's doing that due to a lack of resources.