Run Rabbit!

Discussion in 'Offbeat News' started by Pugz, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Pugz

    Pugz Ms. Malone V.I.P. Lifetime

    Watch the vid on the link! Go rabbit, go!

    Real rabbit ruins Greyhound race | The Sun |News

  2. Puck

    Puck Registered Member

    Aww bunny!

    I'm surprised a bunny got on the track at all...but I'm glad it got away safe and sound!
  3. RJ-Cool

    RJ-Cool "Expect the unexpected"

    First of all, how did a real bunny get on the track? Poor thing.........I can only imagine the terror that engulfed his little heart. Damn! Good thing he's fast!
  4. Pugz

    Pugz Ms. Malone V.I.P. Lifetime

    There's probably a few ways to the track, maybe it lives in the grass on the inside of the track; but i read they get snakes too.

    I just think it's funny that out of all those dogs, only one went after it :lol:
  5. Puck

    Puck Registered Member

    Snakes I could see. But bunnies?
    It's such a high traffic area, I'm surprised a bunny would make any kind of home there.
  6. Saffy

    Saffy Registered Member

    aww bless:lol: I used to have two Whippets,, smaller than greyhounds ,, but lovely dogs,, :)

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