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Run Rabbit!


Registered Member
Aww bunny!

I'm surprised a bunny got on the track at all...but I'm glad it got away safe and sound!


"Expect the unexpected"
First of all, how did a real bunny get on the track? Poor thing.........I can only imagine the terror that engulfed his little heart. Damn! Good thing he's fast!


Ms. Malone
There's probably a few ways to the track, maybe it lives in the grass on the inside of the track; but i read they get snakes too.

I just think it's funny that out of all those dogs, only one went after it :lol:


Registered Member
Snakes I could see. But bunnies?
It's such a high traffic area, I'm surprised a bunny would make any kind of home there.


Registered Member
aww bless:lol: I used to have two Whippets,, smaller than greyhounds ,, but lovely dogs,, :)