Run Away Saw


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A guy was doing work in the street when the saw in the machine came loose and dug into the side of someone's garage. The homeowner was wondering why the work didn't get done so he looked at his surveilance camera and "saw" what happened.

Runaway street saw slices into side of house in Lorain

Lucky no one was doing yard work or mowing the lawn cause that would of been fatal.


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whoa! That would be a terrible way to go if you happened to be in the path of that thing!

Haha :lol: the guy just looks around, puts the blade back, and finishes the job :lol: he doesn't even bother to tell anybody and I'll bet he wasn't expecting a video of that one to show up!


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Haha that was pretty crazy, yeah would of sucked for someone if they had been doing the garden at the time lol.