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Run a stop sign get a anal probe.


Free Spirit
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A minor traffic stop went nightmarishly wrong for a New Mexico man who was detained by police and forced to undergo a series of anal probes and other medical examinations against his will.

This man failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and ended up getting a anal probe looking for drugs. All because the cop thought he was clinching his buttocks too tightly. So the cops got a warrant to get this probe, which was only good for the county it was issued in, but since they couldn't get a hospital to cooperate there they went outside that county. Now they hospital wants the man to pay for it or they are going to sue him. Which he isn't paying for it he is suing them all. Is this messed up or what?


Son of Liberty
I agree with his attorney, people should be outraged. I'm hard on cops, I criticize them a lot for misapplying and not understanding the law for the most part, probably because many of them are dumb, but the judge who signed this warrant is pretty stupid as well. Butt clenching by itself shouldn't give rise to probable cause for something like this. This was a gross abuse of power, and everyone involved should lose their jobs based on sheer stupidity alone.


I'm serious
If ever there was someone with an excellent reason to sue, it's this guy. This whole chain of events is just unbelievable, from the cops, to the judge to the hospital. I sure as hell wouldn't pay a cent for that hospital bill if that was me. And I would sue everyone involved for all they're worth if it were me.

I hope this guy gets rich from this. What a mess!


It's amazing that they kept going. Even after the X-Ray they did anal probing, and even after that they did enemas and colonoscopy. That's going way too far. If anything one x-ray should have been enough. I hope he wins a lot of money out of this, it's horrible.


Free Spirit
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I can't believe how little it takes anymore to get tazed or have something like this done to you. Everyone involved with this should be fired.

Not sure where this happened at but a cop did a cavity search on this woman by the road because her kid put some rocks in a post office mail box.
Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened here. In this article they say the same k9 unit was used in both cases. In the OP article it doesn't mention a k9 unit. In both cases the dog was wrong. I have heard that they can signal those dogs to give a drug alert even if no drugs are present.

Another New Mexico man forced to undergo humiliating medical procedures in drug investigation | The Raw Story
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This is beyond belief. It makes you not want to go outside if this kind of crap can happen. Oh, and as if it couldn't get any worse... this little detail:

To make matters worse, the search warrant expired at 10 p.m. while doctors didn’t even begin prepping Eckert for the colonoscopy until 1 a.m. the next morning, when the warrant had been expired for hours.
I feel for the guy, and I hope justice is served in this case.


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This is absolutely ridiculous. It's immoral and against the law for the police to do what they did here. They didn't have the warrant in the county where it was enforced and the warrant was no longer valid by the time they actually got to use it AND they tried to stiff this guy with the bill when he didn't do anything wrong?

Good on the first hospital for refusing to cooperate with this.