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Whoooo! Rumspringa!

I can't feel my teeth. I sometimes wonder if my wisdom teeth are going to hurt coming in. One is haldway in and it doesnt hurt. Who knows man.

I ate a can of pringles a minute ago. A minute ago? Why do people sometimes say a while a go buit make it one word? a whalago? WHATE THE FUCK IS A WHALAGO?! Let's gppg;e ot/

Evidentally this is a whalago

Not very surprising. Wawoman with anal beads and classes. = a Whalago.

Theser seem to be many a whalago out there. Is ee them all tghat time. Big whalago, little whalago, big little whalago, green whalago, white whalago, purple ones, and those that sing thriller.