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Rumors of more Terror attacks on the US


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Ok so someone mentioned today that they heard somewhere that there was going to be a nuclear attack on the US hitting North Carolina. I'm not really a news reader, nor do I keep up with it. But this caught my curiosity and my first impression was to laugh and tell them they are crazy..........BUT ARE THEY??? So thought I would snoop around the internet and see what I could find on the subject. Here is a tid bit of something I read and I will also paste the link here for you to go and read more of what is written on this subject. I'm not government issue smart and half the time dont know what the heck they are talking about, but this might bring about some interesting conversation for today............

THE RUMORS: I get a ton of email each day. I also read a great deal of news from a many sources. What I am hearing these days is very frightening, although it is VERY difficult to believe. It is for this reason I do not post all my information on the main web site. However I do want to share some of the chatter because if any of this information is accurate I want the real story to be heard BEFORE any official cover stories get out.

I repeat this is all chatter…none of which I can corroborate. There is quite a lot of information coming in so I will share some of it with you.

It is believed that Dick Cheney, a known PNAC kingpin, has ordered plans to be drawn up preparing for a launch of a nuclear attack on Iran to be used as a retaliation for a massive terror attack on the US. This information has come from several rather reliable sources. At the same time a stepped up PR campaign to make the public think Iran is developing nuclear weapons is underway.

Obviously Cheney can not launch an attack of any kind on Iran without provocation. I doubt that this nation will allow another Iraq to take place. So according to the rumor mill there are terror events planned that will provide the justification for a new military and perhaps nuclear strike by the PNAC crew.

My sources tell me that there will be one or more events taking place to justify such actions. The events are as follows: (AGAIN, I REITERATE THAT THIS IS UNCORROBORATED RUMOR!)

1. Terror attacks, perhaps in the form of perceived suicide bombings, will take place at venues that represent the heart of America, such as a baseball game or holiday celebration.
2. A US warship will come under attack in the Persian Gulf.
3. Nuclear terror will reach American shores. Small nuclear devices will go off in one or more American cities. These cities are to be large but not key cities like New York or LA. Death tolls of 200,000 per event are predicted.
4. I have received information from 2 sources (both sources claim CIA connections), that Mossad has started to pull their agents out of the US in anticipation of the nuclear events.

Some facts to go along with the rumors:
1. The events of 9/11 took place on a day and at the same time of day that hijacking and terror drills in the northeast (NY specifically) were taking place.
2. The London bombings took place as drills to deal with the exact kind of event were taking place.
3. Nuclear preparedness drills are to take place in the US in August of this year.

Again…this is all just crazy rumor right now. But some rumors turn out to be legitimate foreknowledge. If these or similar events do take place, the word on the street as we know it today indicates that these events would have been state sponsored false flag operations. We should keep that in mind…but hopefully you will be able look back at this little blurb as paranoid induced hysteria.

From the rumor mill…
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