Rumors: Favre to retire


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Brett Favre has informed the Vikings that he will not return for another season in Minnesota, the Star-Tribune reported Tuesday.

Favre has sent text messages to teammates saying, "This is it," league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Neither Favre nor the Vikings have confirmed the news but a press release is expected Tuesday, the sources said.

The Associated Press also reported that Favre is saying that he's not returning this season.

The Vikings' ownership is holding its annual meeting at training camp Tuesday morning.

This would be the third retirement for Favre, who also retired after 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers after the 2007 season and one season with the New York Jets after the 2008 season.
I was laying in bed and they were making a big deal about this, but if "This is it" all they're basing it off of, then I'm going to wait for it to be official.

"This is it" could mean.. yeah, I'm done.. but it could always mean.. this is the year for us.. it could have a lot of meanings


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Here we go again...

Hopefully the sports network don't make a huge fuss out of it like they've done in the pass. He probably just doesn't want to go training camp. I'm really getting sick of this. Make up your mind and stick to your decision.


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This is me...mean this upcoming season will be it.

Favre is a drama queen and ESPN is partially to blame


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Just keep in mind that when Michael Jackson said "This is it" it meant a comeback. Maybe Favre is getting ready for an epic comeback? :D


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This is me...mean this upcoming season will be it.

Favre is a drama queen and ESPN is partially to blame
No kidding, God that guy is such a drama queen. And you're right, ESPN radio reported yesterday that Deena Favre renewed her gym membership in Minneapolis for another year just recently.

What's with all the texts? What are you, a 13 year old girl? Just say you're going to play or you're not going to play. Make up your mind.


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I know it doesn't really contribute to the conversation, but I'm so sick of this!

At least if you're going to follow through one year, do it suddenly. Don't start with the "I'm maybe thinking about it but probably not unless maybe this happens ..."


The return shall be legenday!
I am a time traveler and Brett Favre said this in 2015, too, right before signing with the Lions for $27 mil. All kidding aside, I wont believe it until I see it. But this will definitely hurt the Vikings chance for a Superbowl if this is true. The division for sure goes out the window. Wild Card not even a guarantee. Remember all 4 teams from the NFC East can very well make the playoffs, and the Falcons, 49ers, and Cardinals will be there too.