Rules and Guidelines 2.0

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These are the new rules that need to be fallowed by all members of Fusion Central. When you are in the Arts and GFX forum you much stick to these rules or you will be reported for the rule(s) you have broken.

1. Your signature may not be bigger then 300 x 550. As shown below.

2. If you post an image bigger then 300 x 550 you must host it with image shack or anothe source that will give you a small thumb nail

3. No porn/hentai. (Nudity constitutes this)

4. Constructive critisizm only. This means you cannot say I hate the piece of art you have made, please go on and tell why you dislike the art.

5. No ripping (stealing) art that does not belong to you.

6. Do not use renders, wallpapers etc off sites like DeviantArt, CG Talk, etc unless you have written permission. These Images are copywrited and they can get you in trouble.

7. No spamming, it I see a post where you say "nice work" and nothing else I will take that as spam. If you do not add anything worth reading to the topic and take away from the thread by making a stupid post or repeating what another member said you will be reported.

8. If a thread has nothing to do with you please do not post in there. Meaning if someone post a request for a new signature and you post "That sounds like a good request" or something to that effect or saying the artist did a nice job. It will be counted as spam.

9. If you post more then three peices of grphical art per week you must make an art gallery thread. Each time you make a new peice of art you will simply add it to your ary gallery thread. Also PM me once you have made your art thread with a link to it and I will made the topic sticky so all can view your art with ease and not have to sift through all the other topics.

Please read these rules and learn then and, respect them for a better overall experience of Fusion Central's art section of the forums. Thank you and enjoy.
Not open for further replies.