Rules and Exceptions

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Sally Twit
In some cases rules are there to be broken, in other cases rules are there to be followed with no exceptions. It depends on what the rule is. You'd need to be way more specific on this question.


I am the woolrus
There are some rules in which there is no exception or reason for breaking. Like rape for example, there is no situation in which the act of rape can be excused.

Or rickrolling outside of sub-talk. :p


Registered Member
Most rules can be broken in a emergency situation. But like wooly said, there are rules which should never be broken under any circumstances.


Certified Shitlord
Unless that rule can physically or mentally restrict the actions and thoughts of a human being, there will always be an exception I'd imagine.


Supreme System Lord
If the rule can be broken then there is an exception.

And I do believe that every rule can be broken otherwise it wouldn't be a rule.


I am the woolrus
i don't think the question is CAN a rule be broken, obviously every rule can be broken or the rule wouldn't have needed to be put in place. The question is, does every rule have an exception where it's okay to break it...
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