Rudy sent to hospital after Laker/Blazer showdown

YouTube - Lakers Blazers Postgame 3-9-09 Report Rudy Fernandez Injured, Trevor Ariza Ejected for Flagrant 2

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Trail Blazers' glee over trouncing the Los Angeles Lakers was tempered by their concern for teammate Rudy Fernandez.
Fernandez was injured when he was fouled hard late in the third quarter of Portland's 111-94 victory Monday night. He was taken from the court strapped to a stretcher, his neck in a brace.

"Just the way it played out -- it's hard to watch your teammate over there laying down and they're bringing out stretchers. That was a tough moment for all of us," said Brandon Roy, who led the Blazers with 27 points.

Fernandez was conscious and alert when he left the court, and he had full movement of his extremities, the team said. X-rays were negative.Trevor Ariza, who fouled Fernandez, said he hoped the rookie from Spain wasn't seriously hurt."It wasn't anything I was trying to do," Ariza said. "I wasn't trying to hurt him. I was just trying to make a play on the ball."

Travis Outlaw had 22 points for the Blazers, who have won 12 straight at the Rose Garden. Joel Przybilla added 12 points and 18 rebounds, while LaMarcus Aldridge had 16 points and 13 rebounds.Kobe Bryant had 26 points, while Pau Gasol had 18 for the Lakers, who haven't won at the Rose Garden in their last seven tries, with their last victory on Feb. 23, 2005.

It was the Lakers' third straight road loss, although they have one of the league's best overall road records at 21-9. After the game, Bryant left without speaking to reporters. "We have to respect our opponent and play them like they're Boston or Cleveland," Lakers forward Lamar Odom said. "They play us like we're a tough team, or one of the best teams in the league, so why not play against every team like that? It would be smart for us to do."

The Blazers are among the NBA's best home teams with a 27-5 record, and their latest winning streak at home dates to a 104-98 loss to Cleveland on Jan. 21.The rivalry between the Lakers and the Blazers had cooled in recent years, in part because Portland has not been a playoff contender. But it seems to be heating back up with the demise of the so-called "Jail Blazers" and the potential of the NBA's second-youngest team. Fans at the Rose Garden chanted "Beat L.A!" and booed nearly every time Bryant took a shot.

"It was a great win," Portland coach Nate McMillan said. "We beat the best team in the league. And at this time of the season, with so many teams jockeying for the playoffs, beating the Lakers makes it even a bigger win.

"Portland jumped out to a 19-12 lead on rookie Nicolas Batum's third dunk, as the Blazers found early success in the paint. The Blazers took off on a 10-2 run midway through the first half that put them up 31-16 after Outlaw's 3-pointer. Portland extended the lead to 51-32 on Aldridge's dunk on a hand-off from Roy. Outlaw's 17-foot jumper made it 60-36 and the Blazers wrapped up the half with a 61-38 lead. Outlaw finished the half with 17 points, while Bryant had 12 for the Lakers on 6-of-15 shooting.

Fernandez hit a 3-pointer that gave Portland a 81-51 lead in the final minutes of the third quarter. Shortly thereafter, he was driving to the basket on a fast-break when he was fouled by Ariza. Fernandez fell hard under the basket, on both his elbow and his hip. He remained prone on the court for more than 10 tense minutes before being taken from the court on a stretcher. Fernandez, who also had a CT scan, was expected to be kept at a hospital overnight for observation. Initial reports said he suffered a soft-tissue injury to the upper chest and side.

A skirmish broke out among the two teams and Ariza was ejected. The Blazers were assessed a pair of technical fouls. In the confusion there were some who said that Odom left the bench, although he denied it."I stood up, but I stood right there -- I didn't go nowhere," he said. Roy balked at Ariza's reaction to the foul. "I tried to be cool-headed about it," Roy said. "I was just going to go over there, but then he started bucking [over the foul] like, 'What?' I was just upset because my guy is laying there on the ground and he's talking trash still. I was pretty upset about it."

The Blazers went flat after Fernandez went out, and the Lakers closed the gap to 89-73 midway through the fourth quarter.But the Portland wouldn't let Los Angeles get any closer. Roy sealed it with a statement dunk with 2:58 left that made it 106-79. Afterward, he chest-bumped his teammates.

The Blazers remained without Greg Oden, who hasn't played since the All-Star break because of a bone chip in his knee. The 7-foot center is expected to be reevaluated this week.

Game notes
The Lakers also beat the Blazers in the season opener for both teams, 96-76. ... The Lakers' 38 points in the first half were a season low. ... The Blazers normally play a snippet of "I Love L.A." whenever LaMarcus Aldridge scores, but replaced it Monday night for obvious reasons. ... The Lakers play nine of their next 12 away from home. ... Roy didn't play because of a sore hamstring when the two teams last met -- a 100-86 Lakers' victory in Los Angeles on Jan. 4.
Fast Facts

• Brandon Roy had 27 points and LaMarcus Aldridge added 16 points and 13 rebounds as the Blazers won their 12th straight home game. That's the fourth longest home win streak at the Rose Garden.
• The Lakers have now lost seven straight games at Portland (last win there was Feb. 23, 2005). That's their longest active road losing streak vs. any opponent.
• 10 of the Lakers 13 losses this season have come when Bryant takes at least 24 shots in the game.
• Portland has won eight of 11 overall. With the win, the Trail Blazers moved from sixth to fourth in the Western Conference standings.
-- ESPN research

So my dad was at the game and he said that in person the foul against Rudy looked more intentional. He laid under the basket for 10 min. then was taken by stretcher off the court. He was then transported to a hospital where he reported chest pains that were confirmed to just be minor soft tissue damage. I can only imagine you would definitely get the wind knocked the hell outta you taking a spill like that.

So here is my issue. Odom got a one game suspension, which was deserved for violating the rule about leaving the bench to fight, but other then being ejected from the game, Ariza had no disciplinary action taken.

What do you guys think? Do you really think he felt bad? My dad said while it was going on he was more concerned with fighting the blazers then with Rudy. He not once asked if Rudy was ok and during the following interviews didn't even refer to Rudy by name, acting like it was just some nameless person who got hurt. It showed a level of disrespect for the situation that resembled a "woe is me" attitude.

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Basketball is a fast sport, and even though that looked pretty intentional, sometimes a flagrant foul is enough. I believe that Ariza should of gotten at least a one game suspension for his act towards Fernandez, but it doesn'y really surprise me that he didn't get anything.


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I still don't believe Odom should've gotten any disciplinary action towards him. It's one of the rules in sports that I disagree with 100%.
Basketball is a fast sport, and even though that looked pretty intentional, sometimes a flagrant foul is enough. I believe that Ariza should of gotten at least a one game suspension for his act towards Fernandez, but it doesn'y really surprise me that he didn't get anything.
I guess it doesnt really surprise me either but it is still unfortunate he didn't get the game suspension so he knows hey when someone is flying through the air off of one foot just let them get the freaking basket. i mean they were down by a shit ton anyhow and i understand he was probably extremely frustrated but it feels like he isnt gonna learn from it. i know that sounds like treating a child but lets face it they acted like oversized preschoolers.

I still don't believe Odom should've gotten any disciplinary action towards him. It's one of the rules in sports that I disagree with 100%.
do you mind if i ask why you disagree with this rule? If people can get up off the bench and run out to fight do you know how dangerous it could have gotten? i know this may seem like a stretch but if all the players went to fight then the people in the stands could have tried to join to (i go to the rose garden all the time getting to the court from anywhere is pretty damn easy) and people could have gotten hurt more so then they already did.


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Sorry EWR, but you cannot just let him the dunk the ball, I know Ariza was pretty far of Fernandez, but I believe he could of fouled him better then he did on that play. Two points is two points, it could decide the game at the end. So even though it was a dirty foul, it was still a good foul, if you know what I mean.