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Rudest city in the US? Los Angeles


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Rudest city in the USA?

2:37 PM, Jan 21, 2011

Written by


By Jayne Clark, USA TODAY
In yet another one of those utterly suspect readers' polls that never fail to grab attention, Travel + Leisure magazine has anointed (drumroll, please) Los Angeles as America's Rudest City, beating out everybody's favorite in-your-face burg, New York.
The dubious honor comes as part of the magazine's annual America's Favorite Cities survey, in which it asks readers to rate 35 cities on 54 mostly subjective qualities. (Last fall, the magazine enlightened its readers about where to find America's Most and Least Attractive Locals. Memphis got hit with the ugly stick. Charleston, S.C., ranked purtiest.)
In the perceived rudeness realm, it's not surprising that congested cities in the nation's northeast corridor rank high on the list. New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and Baltimore landed in the top seven.
Following are the top 20 in descending order.
Weigh in below on whether you think T+L readers got it right.
20. Anchorage
19. Houston
18. Providence
17. Santa Fe
16. Seattle
15. Chicago
14. San Francisco
13. Memphis
12. Phoenix/Scottsdale
11. Atlanta
10. Dallas/Fort Worth
9. Orlando
8. Las Vegas
7. Baltimore
6. Boston
5. Washington
4. Miami
3. Philadelphia
2. New York City
1. Los Angeles
Agree or disagree with this list??



4 legs good 2 legs bad
The top 10 or so don't surprise me. What surprises me is that Chicago is lower on the list, down near some of the western cities which tend to be more polite and laid back.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
A lot of people go to Santa Fe, actually. It's supposed to be a really nice city. My best friend just moved there recently and he loves it.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Your link doesn't work. But New York is actually a pretty safe city if you measure crime per capita. But we're going off-topic here.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't even know how you judge rude'ness though haha. I mean with crime you have some facts to go off of...even if the numbers are inaccuartely reported like the St Louis ones.


Embrace the Suck
It doesn't surprise me that Houston made the list. It's a very rude city, one of the reasons why I wouldn't ever want to move back there.

I do love the Astros, though:)


Registered Member
I don't agree with Philly being so high on the list. If they're comparing "rude" to "most scared of" or "we think has the most crime", then sure. It seems like those are more or less cities people would be "afraid" to go to because of the crimes. I guess everyone has different opinions though whenever it comes to how they view cities then others.


Registered Member
And most everyone I know and have met in Atlanta, are very nice people.
So the list is going to be judged differently by everyone, according to their own individual experience.