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Rude people


Registered Member
I don't know about the rest of you, but I really hate it when people send you messages on Ebay insulting you or calling you names. I don't know what they think they are accomplishing by doing this. Does it make them feel better to insult someone they don't even know? Does it make them feel superior some how?
Case in point. I have this auction going. I had one person email me telling me I was ugly. I had another person telling me who do I think I am, that I am so ugly he would like to hit me in the face with someon'e dick!!!

The thing that bothers me the most is that all I have done is post an auction. I haven't forced anyone to bid on it, nor have I raved about how good looking I think I am. So why do these people think that they are justified in throwing insults.

If I'm asking for too much money in an auction, than don't bid. If I've listed a certain price, than that is what I want for it. If it sells great, if not than it's my expense and mine alone. I am the only one out money since I have paid for the listing fees.

I'm listing my auction that I am talking about here. If that is wrong, than please feel free to remove it.

What's funny is I don't think I'm the best looking person around, put I don't feel I am ugly either. But since getting these emails, I find myself checking the photo in my auction to see if maybe I do look bad. How pathetic is that.

Anyways sorry to rant. Maybe this should of been in pet peeves.

Here's the auction in question.



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dang and i was gonna ask you for your phone numer for a dinner date i love a woman with a hummer (JK) naw im engaged but dont let those emails bother you, From my eyes you are very attractive i just delete those type of emails and goto the better ones


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I hate when pople have to be rude and ugly for no reason other than spite. And as far as the person who told you were ugly (their nuts). I have received a couple of those types of emails too. It's upsetting but hey what can you do...
For all of those people out there who want to be mean and rude just rember this carma is a bitch. They will get theirs...

PS Welcome: wolvergambit ( X-men Fan?)
Good luck on all your future auctions. C-ya around the boards..... :cool:


Registered Member
Thanks Nightsurfer. Yes I am a big X-Men fan from way back before there was even a movie.
Wolvergambit came about because Wolverine is my favourite Xmen character, but when I tried to use that name on Ebay, it had alreayd been taken. I than tried to type in the name Gambit and somehow the Wolver part didn't get erased and thus was born Wolvergambit. I even had a dog named Gambit. Although when I call his name outside, people ususally think I'm saying dammit. LOL

I had a customer on Ebay once that was one of the original cartoonists for Xmen and he drew a picture of Wolverine for me and signed it and sent it along to me with his payment. That was a treat!!


Secret Agent
Staff member
How awesome! I was wondering about your name too! That's a funny story. Especially the yelling "damnit" out the back door LOL!

I can relate to having trouble picking a screen name. Heck I was on vacation once trying to sign up for one of those free AOL months so I could check my email for the week, and low and behold, every name I tried was taken. I finally resorted to typing in "blaaaaah" just so I could be done with the name process, and IT WAS TAKEN! LOL! I added numbers to it and ended up something like "blaaaah7" or something. :lol: Then came time to cancel the account. That's another story for another day though. :cool:

And emails like that I just disregard. Everyone who puts an item on eBay may get their taste of these types of emails. I wouldn't even give them a second thought. Probably just some punk kid with nothing better to do.


New Member
That is insane! For one thing you are very attractive and for two I'll have to agree w/the other's and say that they are prob just someone who is jealous they can't bid or buy your auction. Good luck with it!


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Some guy sent me a nasty email using the word bi*** and being very rude. I posted it too on my auction so people could see his user name! I try to responde to these hateful emails tactfully, but this guy had it coming! Is there any kind of reprimand on ebay for people sending comments like that?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I suppose you could report them for harassment?

And just so you know, when responding to a quesiton and posting it, the person's username is not shown. Sorry you didn't know that. :(

Oh well. What's done is done.