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PlayStation 1 RPG Poll


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Holy hell this topic is old. I still think that FFIX is my favorite Playstation RPG.


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Kingdom Hearts (was it on PSOne or PS2) ok if KH is not for PS1 then Baldur's gate i think sorry old thread moderators forgive me


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Well, as this thread as been revived, might as well reply here instead of making another topic...

Overall (and on PC), either Fallout 1/2 or Deus Ex.

On console, either Seiken Densetsu 3 or Tales of Phantasia.


(Same as Storm)

SNES: Chrono Trigger
PlayStation: Final Fantasy 6
PlayStation 2: Dark Cloud 2
N64: Zelda: OoT
PC: EverQuest. If you're not counting MMORPGs, then Deus Ex. So fun, that game.

If I could only choose one game, I'd be Final Fantasy 6. Great selection of characters, good plot, tons of weapons and even a few side-quests.


For the Horde!
Does that even count? I thought it was considered a beat-em-up?

My favorites:

Super Mario RPG
FF7-9, X
Lost Odyssey
You get to pick the character you like, You go through stories, buy and sell stuff, level up and level your weapons and stuff, I think it does :D


AKA Ass-Bandit
It's actually counted as Action, not RPG.

Samurai Warriors - Genre: Action

Samurai Warriors 2 - Genre: Hack 'n' Slash

Samurai Warriors: Katana - Genre: Action, First Person Shooter

Adding RPG elements != RPG
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Yeah, I was going to say it sounds weird being called an RPG (and I've played 'em since DW3).
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