Royals fire Hillman


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According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, the Royals have fired manager Trey Hillman.

Ned Yost will take over the post on an interim basis. The Royals helped Zack Greinke to his first win of the 2010 season Thursday, but the club is still off to a miserable 12-23 start. That's a .343 winning percentage. Hillman spent two-plus years as skipper of the Royals, posting a 152-207 record

Can't say this is too surprising since the Royals are in the cellar again.

I'm not sure anybody could have made this team .500 though,.


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It's funny, over the years they've kept firing managers and coaches and they're still one of the worst teams every seasons. Even though they were off to a bad start, they shouldn't fired Hillman.

Oh well, let's see what Yost can do with this team.


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Yost took a young and unproven Brewers team to good records here or there so ya never know I guess.

Doubt much will improve this season though.


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I disagree. He was a horrible manager who also happened to have a crappy team.

Joe Posnanski Blog Archive The Firing of Trey Hillman
One of the first things Trey Hillman did as new manager of the Kansas City Royals was call together a team meeting at home plate after a spring training game. He then yelled at his players in full view of the public — while people were filing out of the stadium — for some base running blunders they had made.

… many of the players lost respect for him. They thought he was showboating — he certainly could have yelled at them behind closed doors...whatever point he was trying to get across, well, it didn’t take. The Royals were a dreadful base-running team all year.
By the end of the year, the players were rather openly comparing Trey Hillman to Michael from “The Office.”
He kept changing his mind about things. He infuriated players with silly little things like having pitchers warm up for no reason. He was sensitive to slights. He was constantly searching for whatever sounded best rather than, you know, the truth.
Trey Hillman: 2010’s First Sacrificial Lamb | FanGraphs Baseball
It is tempting to run through a sampling of Hillman’s “greatest hits.” (Who can forget Kyle Farnsworth pitching to Jim Thome on Opening Day 2009?) We’ll always remember Hillman’s response to the person who asked why left-handed reliever Ron Mahay wasn’t brought in to face Thome : “Mahay isn’t a lefty specialist.” Hillman handled the bullpen poorly, made bizarre playing time decisions, had an amazingly poor grasp of the platoon, and allegedly lost the clubhouse in his very first Spring Training with the club.
Royals' manager just one problem - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Last June, Gil Meche threw a four-hit shutout. He also threw 132 pitches.

After throwing 132 pitches, complained of a "dead arm" ... and shortly afterward was allowed to throw 121 and 114 pitches in consecutive starts. Shortly afterward, he went on the disabled list for a month, returned in August to make four more starts, then didn't pitch in September.

Last Saturday night, Meche threw 128 pitches in a valiant (but losing) effort.

Since throwing those 132 pitches last June, Meche has thrown 76 innings and given up 74 runs.

So to recap: Gil Meche, who started complaining of a tired arm after throwing 132 pitches in a complete game last June, and who has been consistently awful since throwing 121 pitches with a dead arm last July, and who wasn’t pitching well so much as pitching lucky on this night, was allowed to throw 128 pitches – the longest outing by any major league pitcher this season – on Saturday night. He was left in to complete the 8th inning, despite a fresh bullpen, and despite the fact that he allowed the first three batters to reach base safely.

Oh, yeah - and as a result, Meche surrenders the game-winning run.
Ten months ago, Trey Hillman made perhaps the worst decision of his managerial career, and ruined – perhaps irrevocably – his second-best starting pitcher. Yesterday, faced with the same choice, he made the exact same decision. There can be no stronger evidence that Hillman hasn’t learned a thing on the job.
That guy should have been canned a long time ago. (Sorry for quoting so much - I kinda got carried away)
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