Royal Rumble

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by andrew_bishop, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Anybody here going to be watching it live or on PPV? Im going to be able to see it , It'll be my first live rumble. It's going to be deadly. But the only bad thing is I'll have a french exam like 8 hours after it but oh well.

    Any predictions as to the result? I think we can all choose the normals like Taker , Kane , HBK , Edge or Orton but anybody going to pick somebody way off the wall? Im going with Kane only because he is my favourite wrestler but still lol.

  2. andrew_bishop

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    Well Taker won the rumble. It was a great PPV I must say. The prevous matches were predictable yet somehow they were worth watching. The Hardys vs MNM was a great match that could have went either way , I did not expect much from the Test vs Lashley match and for good reason that was a boring match , The WWE title match was half fast but it was exciting and the WWE title match was one of those matches where you knew the result but you didn't expect some of the things to happen. The Rumble was a crazy match. Loved it all. Good result too. Go Taker 15-0:)
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    I am a little surprise that Undertake won the Rumble, I personally expected HBK to win it, and then they would make him win the Title Belt at Wrestlemania, then he HHH would come back, and he would turn his back on HBK, and they would face eachother, but I guess I was wrong. Now we all know that Taker is 14-0 at WM, I don't expect the WWE to ruin that streak.
  4. andrew_bishop

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    Well I half expected this move to occur. I knew that with Taker soon going from the WWE I knew they wanted to give him one last big run and by winning the rumble he starts that. I think he will win at Mania and then lose the title a few months later never to be seen back in a WWE Ring as a superstar.
  5. idk dude my sources tell me different, I say some will start a fued with the deadman and one-last rebirth will take place and the ministry will return then that will be the end.
  6. andrew_bishop

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    There was talks last year of the Ministy coming back for one last run but it did not pan out. There is no real telling some of the moves that the WWE makes. They think something will work out right but change their minds fast. It would be diffucult to get the orginal Ministry back together but then again I never thought DX would re-form so I would not count it out just yet.
  7. Well I didn't mean the origional Ministry, but I don't see that happening sinse WWE has realeased and fired some of the old ministry members.
  8. andrew_bishop

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    WWE can hire and fire somebody in the blink of an eye and they could return again soon. But to a new topic Taker vs Batista at mania. Good match it sounds like but not like the main events of the past. Still either way when Mania is over I'll be happy. Im actually pulling for the deadman in this one though , It just seems like he deserves it more to go 15-0 at mania and take home another world title.
  9. Not only that but as many times he has been screwd out of the title. Think about this for a minute.

    The Biker Taker, he faced angle Brock Lesnar beat him and angle with a chair. Then vince involved himself in his match with Lesnar, then the deadman of old VS. JBL, got himself DQ'd then the fatel fourway match, Taker had it won then Heidenrick(however you spell his name) got himself involved, then the Last-Ride match again Heidenrick. Then a nearly passed-out angle pinned him which I thought that was wrong, then Mark Henry attacked the deadman, then in the beat the clock match, Kennedy screwd over the deadman.

    The Undertaker desearves to win the title, I mean I know alot of people hated the Biker-Taker but it still counts, and if they don't let him win it this time, I believe the WWE will lose even more fans.
  10. The Abyss

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    True as that may be SUG, I would bet money on Batista winning.

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