Royal Flush

Have you gotten a royal flush?

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • No

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • Yes, but I'm a no good rotten cheater

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Anyone ever gotten it?? Without cheating, that is :)

I haven't, I've gotten a straight flush before but never a royal one.


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I haven't gotten one . . . but I watched someone throw one away. The kid had a 10 of spades and a low kicker. The flop was Jack of spades, Ace of spades, and a deuce. He gets raised so he folds. Next two cards . . . King of spades and queen of spades.

Yeah, he was pissed to say the least.


Yeah, it's hard but it seems easier in holdem cause you can turn up 4 cards of it, just imagine how hard it would be to get in 5 card poker...


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I want to say I've gotten one in 5 card in Diamonds. I've definitely had one in Pai-Gow poker.

My one in Hold 'Em was a scam to get a jerk to stop harassing people because he can't beat anyone in anything besides heads-up. Once raised all-in on me and couldn't beat my pair of nines. Noob.
Never a royal flush, but I have gotten a straight flush (see the memorable poker experiences thread).


i average one every 8 or 9 hands when im dealer...haha, i do cheat for fun. but i only got 2 when i didnt cheat. and i only cheat when there is no money involved, im a good person (sorta :p)

Edit:sorry, double post.

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i actually have gotten one. purely dumb luck. i wa splayoing for cash with my friends, i had to go all in because i just was on a losing streak and didn't care. i got it practicly had to pick thier jaws off the floor. it is a great feeling!