Roy the Best at Making All Blazers Better


Aw, Here It Goes!
"University of Washington coach Lorenzo Romar had a nickname for Brandon Roy that summed up the mature guard's impact on and off the basketball court," writes Brian Meehan of THE OREGONIAN. 'I used to call Brandon 'the Provider,' " Romar said Wednesday, "because he was always concerned about others, always wanted to provide for them. He was that way on the floor, too. He is definitely a giver."


Sultan of Swat
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I watched a couple of summer league games with him, and was very impressed, he does love to give the ball to others, but he also likes to shoot, and the man can score, I think he was the most NBA ready player in the draft, and the Blazers should be thrilled having him, I think he's going to be in contention for rookie of the year.