Roy Jones Jr.


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I was just enquiring as to how much interest there is on boxing in this forum really. I'm a massive fan and was pleased last Saturday night to see perhaps the greatest boxer of the 90's outbox and indeed outpunch fellow great Felix Trinidad.

Tp those from boxing circles, I'm sure you too were impressed with Roy's adoption of the "hands up" defence and more orthodox-textbook offense. To me Roy looked more like a "classic" boxer than he ever had and despite HBO's Lampley and Steward preaching of Felix being the "textbook boxer" he outfought and out thought by Roy in boxing mode rather than his usual elaborate dance.

As for Tito, beliebve it oir not I was impressed. He boxed pretty welll considering the size differential and despite all the riing rust after his lay off he punched well in combination.
Should he choose this fight to be his send off I feel he acquitted himself well, however should he decide to go on there is a glimmer of hope. That glimmer is at 160 though!


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I don't watch much boxing but I'm a big fan of Roy Jones Jr. I'm very glad that he won against Trinidad. I expected Roy to win just because Trinidad hasn't fought a match in a really long time. Hopefully he still has some left in the tank and can challenge a few other big name boxers.


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Good to see a fan anyhow!
Roy boxed reasonably well, but like you said it was expected due to Trinidad's inactivity.
Roy is going to try challenge the winner of Calzaghe Hopkins, which is worrying as they are both fighters at a very high level who have had their best years far more recently than Roy.

I'd like to see Roy avenge his losses to tarver and Johnson.